5MM MagneDotZ - 222 Pcs

Stress? Forget the standard Rubik’s Cubes and fidget spinners. There’s a new stress-reliever in town! Magnedotz empowers you to experience the raw magic of magnetism.

These 222 spheres work in harmony to guide your hand with geometric perfection.

Magnedotz 5mm magnet balls attach tightly together, allowing you to create limitless designs. The shapes “just happen,” as you watch the magic unfold before your eyes.

Magnedotz also fosters improved brain stimulation, brain-to-hand development, and so much more for limitless fun, education, and stress relief. Pull them into a chain, fold them into a brick, design your next best necklace - the possibilities are endless with your ultimate 3D canvas. There are multiple options available for your Magnedotz set. They come in all the colors of the rainbow.

With MagneDotz, you get to experience the magic of magnetism firsthand.
Our 5mm pieces collection offers 222 meticulously crafted spheres, that attach tightly together, allows you to create limitless designs.  

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